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5784 Annual Campaign

Our Annual Campaign is a critical part of our annual budget. The Annual Campaign allows for us to provide a wide range of programming and security options for our Temple Emanu-El Community & Congregation. In order to provide quality programming, events, and necessary safety measures, we need to reach our $100,000 goal. This goal is a critical item on our annual budget. It is with your help that we can continue to make Temple Emanu-El a vibrant and welcoming community.

 Every single donation is tax deductible. Time is running out to help make a difference. Please consider donating today.
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We are honored to have Nat & Sherry Cohen as our Matching Donors for the 2023 Giving Tuesday in Support of the Annual Campaign. As the matching donors, Sherry and Nat will be matching Annual Campaign gifts made by a member or friend of the Temple. But that happens only on Giving Tuesday, November 28. So just there is no confusion, your Annual Campaign gift will be DOUBLED on Giving Tuesday.

Take a minute to read about why Temple Emanu-El is so important to the Cohen Family.

A Bissel of Bio
Our 2023 Annual Campaign Matching Donors - Dr. Nathaniel (Nat) and Sherry Cohen
Interviewed by Andrew Weinberg 

Andrew - How long have you been members of Temple Emanu-El?
Sherry - Just about 8 years now

Andrew -  Tell me about your family
Sherry - Nat and I have been married for 23 years and we have 3 children (Ari 18, Shayna 15, and Jonah 14). Our kids all went through the Temple religious school and Bnai Mitzvah as well. Shayna and Ari have also been active with BBYO over the years. Ari is currently in the college admissions process- we’re very excited to see where he ends up going.

Andrew - And what should we know about the both of you?
Nat - So I grew up in NYC and got my undergrad degree at Yale; after a year in finance on Wall Street I went back to school as premed at Columbia where I also got my medical degree. I’m an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Los Gatos since 2007.

Sherry - I’m actually from the West Coast, originally Socal, and my family moved north to Petaluma in my early teens. My undergrad degree is in publishing from US Davis and from there to NYU for my graduate degree. I worked in publishing, management consulting, and then in accounting/consulting in the R&D world. Nat and I met in New York in 1997 and we moved to California in 2001.

Andrew -  What are your favorite aspects of Temple Emanu-El?
Sherry - The community- it’s very welcoming and open. We quickly made great connections with a variety of other members and we are all still in touch. It made us feel comfortable very early on and that was a big thing.

Nat - That’s very true- the connection element is really important. Also, for me as something of a history buff, the fact that Temple Emanu-El is one of the longest established congregations in California was a big attraction. That’s quite a legacy.

Andrew -  What are you looking forward to at Temple Emanu-El?
Sherry - Social events. After Covid it has been great to see in-person events making a comeback and we hope to see more. And as we get towards becoming empty nesters maybe some new “Empty Nester” havurahs will form. Sign us up.

Nat - I’m having great time with the Jewish book club- it would be great if even more members had a chance to be part of it… And like Sherry said as our kids grow up and follow their paths, we’ll have more time to spend with our temple friends and activities.

Andrew -  What motivated you to be the Annual Campaign Matching Donor this year?
Nat - The temple is important to us and when I served on the board of trustees I got a good understanding of temple finance and general operations. At any one time there are a myriad of programs and events going on and our members love all of it. The Temple does it with the financial support of members and it’s not just from member dues- that only covers part of the temple’s needs. The Annual Campaign is one tool the temple uses additionally in the budget to also support these things so members can enjoy them, often without cost.

Sherry - That’s absolutely right, and the event I worked on last year, Klezmer and Knishes, is a perfect example. It was a wonderful get together and was free to members. In the background, the Temple was able underwrite it because of income sources like the Annual Campaign. We all want to be able to continue that. For us, being the matching donor on Giving Tuesday is a good opportunity to give visibility to the Annual Campaign. The matching aspect is the bonus to the temple that will at least double the gift of any temple member (or friend) made on that day. It’s a good opportunity for all of us to be sure the Temple remains able to be the community and source of togetherness we want it to be.

Andrew -  Any last thoughts?
Nat and Sherry - Temple members and friends: Don’t Miss Giving Tuesday, November 28. Your Annual Campaign gift to Temple Emanu-El will be doubled, but only on that day. Be sure to look below and make a gift to the Annual Campaign. Or call the office at 408 292-0939 to donate. Any gift will make a difference for Temple Emanu-El-s community.

$100 - Allows for us to provide holiday gift bags that bring joy to our congregants

$200 - Allows for us to provide multi-access connections to all services and Adult Education Classes

$500 - Helps provide fun events like Shabarbecue and Rock Shabbat

$1,000 - Helps a young family with children join the Temple who otherwise couldn't afford membership

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