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Annual Campaign Corporate Matching

FAQ for Corporate Matching:

Q:      What is corporate matching?

A:      Corporate matching gifts are donations that an employer makes to match its employees' charitable contributions.  Employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation.

Q:      Why should I do corporate matching?
A:      When you make a donation to Temple Emanu-El and you take advantage of your company's corporate matching program, that is a great way to increase the money that comes in to Temple which keeps us thriving and providing all the wonderful programming we offer to our members.

Q:      My company does corporate matching. How do I select Temple  Emanu-El to receive corporate matching funds?
A:      Great!  Do a search for Temple Emanu-El on your company's corporate matching site, and see if we are registered with the portal your company uses.  If we aren't, let us know which portal it is, and we will see if we can be added!

Q:      How can I find out if my company matches?
A:      Companies of all sizes often have matching programs.  Ask your employer (most likely the benefits department) if they have a program, and let us know which portal they use so we can register on it.

Q:      What kinds of donations will a company match?
A:      Each company is different, but very often a company will match annual campaign donations, Temple dues and other donations you make throughout the year.

Q:      Do I have to submit any paperwork for my company to match my donation to Temple?
A:      Temple Emanu-El will submit information on our end, but you should check with your company about their corporate matching process.  Some companies require employees to submit information in order for the corporate matching funds to be processed and have a check sent to Temple.

Q:      Each time I make a donation to Temple, do I have to let my employer know?
A:      Yes, each time you make a donation or pay your Temple dues, you need to let your employer know, so that they can process the matching funds to Temple.

Q:      Whom should I contact at Temple if I have more questions?
A:      Please contact Stephanie Pollock our executive director, with any other corporate matching questions:; 408-292-0939 ext. 233.

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