Hebrew-English Phrase Glossary

Here is a small translation dictionary of common Hebrew expressions of greeting or conversation "facilitators", especially ones you might encounter in e-mail. They are alphabetic by the English spelling of the Hebrew words. There are many common English spellings of the same Hebrew words, so this may cause some problems. For example, "Chag Sameach" (meaning Happy Holiday) is also often spelled "Hag Sameach" or even "Chag Sa'Mayoff". You may also see every combination of capitalization and small letters, except Yisrael which is always capitalized (but may be spelled Yisroel). And the phrase in Hebrew, among fluent Hebrew speakers, may be different from common Yiddish or other variations in the US or elsewhere. Oy veh!

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Hebrew English
Al Tid'ag Don't worry
Am Yisrael Chai The people of Israel live!
Be'ahava With love
Be'ahavat Yisrael With a love for Israel and its people
Baruch dayan emet Blessed is the Judge of truth
Be'hatzlacha Good luck!
Be'koach With strength
Be'shalom With peace
Boker Tov Good Morning
Chag Kasher V'Same'ach Wishing you a happy and Kosher Holiday (Passover greeting)
Chag Sameach Wishing you a Happy Holiday
Chag Succot sameach Wishing you a Happy Succot
Chodesh tov Have a good month!
Erev Tov Good Evening
G'mar Chatima Tova May you be sealed for goodness in the book of life
Hakarat ha'emet Acknowledging the truth
Hakarat ha'tov Acknowledge [a person]
Hazak Ve'ematz Be strong and brave
Ken yehi ratzon May it be God's will
Klal Yisrael The entirety of Israel
Kol Hakavod Congratulations!
Kol Tuv Best wishes
Lamah Lo? Why not?
L'shalom May there be peace
L'Shana Tovah Happy New Year
L'shana Tovah Tikatavu May you be inscribed for a good year
Layla tov Good Night
Lehit Later dude!
Lehitra'ot See you later
Mazal Tov Congratulations
Nesi'ah tovah Have a good trip!
Shalom Hello/Peace/Goodbye
Shalom uvracha Peace and blessing
Shalom v'Emet Peace and Truth
Shana Tovah U'metuka Wishing you a good, sweet New Year
Shavuah Tov Have a Good Week (Shabbat greeting)
Tizke l'mitzvot May you have the privilege of fulfilling the commandments
Toda Thank you
Toda raba Thank you very much
Yihiyeh Tov Things will be okay
Yishar Koach Well done! Keep it up!

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