Shabbat Morning Minyan service

The following prayers/songs are performed by our Cantor Meeka Simerly - we thank her for allowing us to enrich our website with her voice.
Thanks also to recording sound and studio technician, Johnny Lima.

Note that to hear these MP3 files, you will need to install QuickTime, Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.

Hineh ma tov, read
Hineh ma tov, folk song
Ma Tovu, complete, read
Ma Tovu, folk song, partial
Barchu, read
Barchu, Sung 1. Music by Ben Siegel
Barchu, Sung 2. Music by Rachelle Nelson
Ahava Raba, read, part I (“Ahava…Be’Ahava”)
Ahava Raba, read, part II (“Ve’Haer…Bi’Yshuatecha)
Ahava Raba, Goldfarb, sung, part I
Ahava Raba, sung, part III, "Veha'er," Carlebach
Open up our Eyes, Music by Jeff Klepper
Sh'ma Yisrael, Music by Tzvika Pik
Mi Chamocha (Shabat AM), read
Mi Chamocha (Shabat AM), sung, Music by R. Silverman
Tzur Yisrael, reading
Tzur Yisrael, chant
K'ddusah (complete), read
K'ddusah, by Bonia Shur, chant
Yismechu, read
Yismechu, folk song
Sim Shalom, read
Sim Shalom, folk song
Open Ark Chant:
Ein Kamocha/El ha’rachamim
Ki mi’Zion; Sh’ma/Echad; Gadlu
Le’cha Adonai
Al Sh’losha D’varim


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